The Bishop's College of Nursing is situated in the C.S.I. Mission Compound, Dharapuram - 638 656, Tirupur District. Dharapuram can be reached by bus from Erode and Tirupur on the North, from Palani, Dindigul and Madurai on the South, from Karur and Tiruchirapalli on the East and Pollachi and Coimbatore on the West.

U.G. & P.G. Class Rooms

The College has 4 U.G. class Rooms and 7 P.G. speciality Class Rooms with adequate lighting & Ventilation. Each U.G. Class Rooms can accommodate 50 students. Each class room has Over Head Projector.


Fundamental Nursing

Facilities for demonstrating nursing procedures , CPR dummy , 6 dummies, Male, Female organ dummy, Venipuncture arm, glucometer, Spiro meter, Orthopedics appliances, special needles, eye, ENT instruments, trays, S.S. Steel items, 10 cots, Oxygen cylinder, Wheel Chair, Stretcher, Suction apparatus.

Child Health Nursing:

Child Health Nursing: paediatric CPR doll, 4 baby dolls.

Maternal Nursing:

Delivery manikin kit-2, episiotomy model, contraceptive insertion model, fetus different stages model, instruments, vacuum suction apparatus, infanto meter, 8 delivery dolls, Pelvic bones, dummy-1.

Community Health Nursing:

Facilities for demonstrating nursing procedures, 53 community bags, charts, measuring cups, different types of weighing scales, auto clave.

Anatomy :

2 skeletons, bones, joints models, torso, teeth, heart, brain, eye, ear, lungs, charts and specimens.


Facilities for cooking demonstration , 7Gas stoves, utensils, S.S. items, glass wares, fridge, rice cooker, electric heater, Mixie, grinder, cake oven and Chappathi maker.

Other Labs :

(Biochemistry , Microbiology, Pathology and Physiology): Facilities for staining, 4 Microscopes, specimens, pipettes, slides, nutrient media discs, spatula, filler, inoculation needle, test tube holder, laboratory reagents, sprit lamp, nutrient agar, 16 types bacteria models, Charts, Chemicals, centrifuge, conical flasks, 5 haemometer, trays.

Computer Laboratory :

The College has a full fledged computer Lab with instructor to impart computer knowledge. All the computers were connected with internet connection.

Transport :

The institution is having a 60 seated bus, 25 seated Mini bus, 12seated Tempo Travellor, 8seated Tavera and 5 seated Ambassador car for the use of students clinical and community posting.


The College has a modern computerized and well ventilated Library. Equipped with latest 4,000 books, National & International Journals, monthly, Bi- monthly, weekly Journals, magazines and Newspapers available in the college Library. Separate Reading and Reference section available for both U.G and P.G. Students.


ACCOMMODATION: A separate hostel is provided to both U.G and P.G. students. Washing area, store room, recreation hall, sick room and pantry room are available to the students.24 hours water supply provided to the students.


There is a plenty of scope provided for extra curricular activities with out door & in door games for students.

Play Ground


We are having 100 seat capacity of Dining Hall with Hygienic food.


C.S.I. Dr. Anne Booth Mission Hospital, Dharapuram is located in the center town of Dharapuram. This is a 150 bedded hospital with an average out-patient of 2,400 per month. There are 3 full time resident consultants available in Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

A fully equipped Intensive Care Unit with Cardiac Monitors, Defibrillators, infusion pumps, pulse Oxymeters is functional with central Oxygen supply. A fully equipped operation theatre consists with central oxygen supply and autoclaves.

Clinical laboratory with auto-analyser and other modern equipments is available for all biochemical investigations.

Diagnostic equipment like X-ray, E.C.G., Ultra sound and other areas are available.



Medicine - 40
Surgery - 35
Obstetrics - 30
Gynecology - 25
Orthopedics - 5
Peaditrics - 15
Total No.of Beds -150


Daily outpatient, turn over -85
Bed Occupancy (Daily) - 110
Bed Occupancy percentage one year - 78
Average monthly out patient - 2400